Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleaning for tomorrow.

I'm in the middle of getting my home appropriate for visitors for tomorrow. It's time for a birthday, again... Someone really could stop the time for a few years now!

Anyway, I was meaning to have an update for you before Christmas. I even had the art done and all, but then my scanner stopped working again... So now the situation is that I intend to buy a new scanner with my next pay which I'll get next month.

This means there will be no updates untill I have that new scanner in my posession.

Have a peacefull new year and I hope a lot of happy things will come in front of you during year 2012!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm very sorry!

I'm terribly sorry for not keeping up with my promised updates. I feel bad about it!

Now I'm not giving you any promises I could break. Only that I will keep trying to get pages done.

Simply put many things has gone upside down for me. I hope you can understand that I'm not getting into more detail, but I really do not have the strenght and energy to work long on pages after work, which is eating all my energy.

Please enjoy this little picture and thank you for you patience.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Next update on 28.11.2011!

For those who use some other way of indicating the date, I'm talking about November 28, 2011.

I'm sorry, but I had to do this when I realized that it is completely impossible for me to find time to get any proper updates done on time in a week.

Hopefully I get more than one page up for you on that day ;)
It is possible that there will be an update for TWOD as well, but nothing definite on that side yet.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

News again

I'm writing this blog entry to inform you that unfortunately I will miss tomorrow's update of TOE.Some personal issues have been messing up my plans and somewhat my mind and I was unable to finish the page.

I will try to make it up to you by getting two pages done for the next update two weeks later. Still I want to point out that I will try, which means that it is possible I won't have two pages. I do not know how quickly I can get my mind in order to concentrate long enough on drawing.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New page for TOE!!

The problem with the scanner is not completely over, but I can at least scan.

I still have problems with making proper scans because the program I'm supposed to use won't function. Only now my computer recognizes my scanner so I can do simple scans. The result not good and to make the colors even tolerable I have to fix them by using my corel-program.

So the colors aren't that great, but at least we got forward with the story!!

TOE's update schedule for now will be every other monday. Today's update is counted as a monday update. It was supposed to be updated tomorrow morning, but I got mixed up with the dates so you got a new page a bit earlier than ment.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Still no scanner

Yes, I still have no scanner I could use and I also learned that my sister's scanner doesn't work either.... -_-

So simply put my hiatus will still take a while. However, I wanted to give a small heads-up.

Here you get to see a glimpse of the five next pages of TOE which I have been working on when ever I feel like it.
Since I'm working on five pages at the same time I can choose which panel to draw first and etc. Only because I don't know when I can update next I haven't yet started to paint them (even though the two first pages have their lineart ready).

Thank you for your patience and lets hope for the best.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Part 1 the Call

Do not read this before you have read the first part of the story!

The first part of Tari Uyest' (TWOD from now on) builds the ground to the story. We begin it from our world which is much easier for you to understand. We also get to see glimpses of Amy's life and her personality which may or may not be simple.

She's a quite strong character and not easily scared. If I had been her and had seen my brother walk trough a portal I would simply panic and call 112 (which is the emergency number here) or something else! I would not go and struggle against a freaking magical portal!!

This early in the story and for a while Amy's strenght will seem like she's almost too strong. Later, however, we get to see other sides of her.

From the very beginning I always imagined Amy to be a teenager from the early 90's. That makes her a good 10 years older than myself XD

The fact that the story takes place in the early 90's might not be too apparent in the beginning, but much later in the story when we return to our own world I will make it clearer. I was only a child in the early 90's myself, however, so I don't know what it was to be a teenager at that time. But when we get to the later stages of the story, as I already said, I will make it more apparent (which means it will be some studying for me at that time!).

One thing I will still point out: Amy does not have a cellphone. This also includes that computers are rare and internet is not how you spend your time.

In Part 1 we also got to see other glimpses of her life.

She uses two languages, being fluent with both. She's not exactly a hard working student and just tries to get the courses needed. And she's not happy about the extra course she has. She has a boyfriend who's not overly trusting and believes she's cheating on him. She has a sister who has not yet appeared. She sleeps in the same room with her brother. Etc.

There is also a lot more I hint on about in her life, but for now I won't mention them.

To avoid spoilers I can't really tell much more so instead of talking more about what this first part had in it I will tell you about the changes the story has faces ever since it's creation in 2002 and compare them to this final version.

In the very first version Albert, Amy's brother, had no name and only a short storyteller part. The only thing I knew about him was that he was her older brother. After the first version Albert came to exist as he's today. And from that moment on he was the one to walk through the portal first and Amy's duty was to follow him. It still took untill the fourth version, however, before Albert started to walk in a trance. First he was fully awake, which was strange because who in his right mind would just walk trough a strange portal?!?

So, he became spellpound instead.

In the first version Amy was the only one to travel through the portal. But she wasn't very willing to do it since she actually fell from a bridge (how did I come up with a place like that?!). This also happened during the day not during the night so she wasn't dressed in a night dress. She was actually on her way home from school. During this time, however, Amy had no real personality (-.-).

The only thing I'm sad about in giving up my first plan of how Amy went trough the portal is the fact that it's actually much more intresting than the one I'm using now. However, Amy grew a personality and Albert came to have a big part in the story. This is why I had to give it up in the end. There is also another reason which I'll explain next.

The biggest change between the first version and the following versions was the point of view in the story. The first version was observed from the parallel world. Our own world stayed really as a mystery. I still even today like this old approach better than the one I have now, but the truth is that the current way is easier for a reader to understand.

And this change in point of view was also a reason to why I changed the method of Amy ending up in the other world.

I had to give up some very good material to make the story better as a whole.
Toni also came into the picture after the first try as Amy's boyfriend when Amy's character was forming in my mind. The relationship between them has always been the same - one of not much love. Designwise Tony has stayed pretty much the same. I only simplified him since the first design. I never thought that he would need any changing. His appearence already makes the character he is.

Amy's family and life has been in it's current shape since 2003 when I gave up on the first version. Her parents are divorced and she's living with her brother and mother in Finland which is her mother's birth country. Her father still continues to live in United States where he's from. Amy moved to Finland some years after the divorce. She was born in US and grew up there. She has an older half sister with whom she shares a mother.

The reason why I gave up the first version in the first place was that I wanted to create a story that really worked instead of just drawing something for myself as I originally did. This is why the change was most dramatic between the first and second versions. The following versions have been quite similar to each other with some improvements.

In case you were confused by my talk about versions I would like to clarify it.
The first version of TWOD was created in 2002 just for my own enjoyment as I mention above. After that first version TWOD has had three slightly different versions. The version I'm now working on is the final and fifth version. 

Between the fourth and fifth versions there isn't much difference. The fifth version is more like fixing the fourth version into something a reader could enjoy and understand. Not to mention better art and quality!

That's all I can say for now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

No scanner

I have "nice" little problem of not being able to install my scanner to my new computer. This unfortunately mean no updates untill I have solved the problem.

I'm not thrilled to think that I might need to buy a new scanner completely. Especially since I like the one I have, but currently Windows 7 does not support it. Some websites do say that it will support in future, maybe...

Well, untill I have decided what to about this you will have to wait for updates. Besides, who knows how many other problems I will come to face with this new computer. At least my Corel-program functions!

Wish me luck and good nerves!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally I have a computer again!

As the title tells I have been with out a computer for three weeks of which two last weeks were because my old computer broke and it took a while before I got a new one. The first week was because I was on a vacation.
I have the next page of TOE scanned but it is still in my old computer and my next project with my Father is to try and get all my old document from the old comp to this new one. So unfortunately you won't be getting any new updates untill I have completely moved all the files and installed all my machines (scanner included) and etc.

Thank you for your patience and lets hope this Autumn won't be as quiet when consider comics as was the beginning of this year...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updates on next week!

Hello and sorry for the long wait.

I have next week free from work so I hope to be able to work on the pages more. The next page of TOE is only missing its last layer of color aka shadows XD The following page is also half way done. Also a character design needed for the page after that is done so I can actually think of sketching it as well.

The first page of TWOD's second part has been ready for a good while, but with the cover art still undone (I have a little trouble getting it the way I want it) you still have to wait for it.

I hope to get some pages done next week, but they won't be brought online right away. So there will be updates now and then during the summer :)
However, all in all I have only two weeks of vacation in the whole summer so I quess for the most part I am tired after work. I have so many new things to learn all the time and it's surprisingly tiring when you feel that you still just don't get it. But it's remarkably relieving when you realize you actually understand something!

Have a happy and warm summer!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

TWOD character-pages

As the title says, the new characters pages I have been hiding for ages now are open. Go and check them out!

The characters introduced so far are Amy, Geryan and Esstel from the main cast of which the two last ones you will come to know in the second party of the story.

I want to say something shortly about Geryan on the right.
Designwise he hasn't changed at all since the first try of the story. Well, at all is a bit wrong because the hem of his jacket has changed it's shape ones. However there is one thing I never did when I was drawing him. I always knew that he had a big build, but for a reason or another I never made him look big so he ended up being the same size with the other characters. One reason behind this might have been the fact that I did not feel the need to be too accurate (and when I was younger and began on the story all my character builds looked the same).

Now in this character picture you finally get to see him the way I have always imagined him! And I myself ended up liking the picture quite a bit :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

TWOD update in DD

Amy character picture
Finally I was able to upload the pages in drunkduck, so they are up now.

Page 19 of Part 1 will be up in a few days. No promises when page 20 (the last page of part 1) will be up. Hopefully it will be soon anyway.
After page 20 we have a kind of "closing words" for part 1. After that the first part of the story is finished.

Between part 1 and 2 so far hidden pages at the homesite will be published. I'll also proof-read the information and world map pages because I seem to have several stupid mistakes there.

Also after the first part I will give my full attention to TOE for a good while.

Monday, April 4, 2011

TWOD update

Tomorrow morning a new page of TWOD will show up in smackjeeves.

However, in drunkduck I wasn't able to do the uploading so it will be up there later. I will try again on tomorrow or the day after.

This was just a quick note pointing out that updates are in SJ, but not yet in DD :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


For your enjoyment while waiting for updates I want to show you two TOE fanarts. (There is one more TOE fanart by Cahir-the-whicher at the gallery.)

Viator by Cahir-the-witcher
 First here is child Viator by Cahir that was according to her inspired by my art shown in this blog.

Viator is being extra cute here! However, you will still need to wait for a while before we'll see bits of his childhood in the comic.

The other fanart is by my sister. When she gets back home during summer we can scan the picture properly. However, the current version has been taken with a digital camera.

Aamu and Saturnin by Lehmu
This fanart shows well the relationship (or lack of it) between these two. Aamu has a huge crush on the high-shaman when he is completely oblivious.

It is Aamu's feelings which we tried to show you with Kaj in the First Aside.

Update on the situation of TWOD.
I have finally started to work on the pages again. I have recovered almost completely since my last blog-update. However, I won't have time to become 100 % well before the pollen and allergies come.

So, soon my allergies will steal most of my energy. We'll see how that affects the comics. I know I'll be slow at work just like always during the pollen season.

I'm happy I don't have hay fever!! I consider myself lucky!

Monday, March 21, 2011

No updates

I'm sorry there are no updates. My new work has not only kept me busy, but I actually fell ill. I have been ill since last Friday and today I had to stay home instead of going to work.

I just don't feel like drawing now so it will still take a while before I'm able to update. I'm sorry, but I'm sure this bothers me more than you. I hoped that I would get the four last pages of part one done, but no! All these things happen andd keep me from finishing them!!

Now I'll consentrate on getting better and returning to work. Comics have to wait for a while...

Monday, March 7, 2011


I have opened the information page for TWOD. It consists of two pages. One includes information which may change and get longer as the story gets forward. The other is the page for the world map and to get there you have to go trough the information page.

TWOD Information

Now, sorry for my slowness with the page updates. I have had a lot in my ming, but all four last pages of the first chapter are almost sketched. I hope to get as much done as possible this week (including the pages) because next week I will start at my new job and the first few weeks will most likely eat all my time and leaves nothing for the comics.

I'm sorry for having so long breaks between pages again, but I hope you understand the situtation. After all I need a job to be able to keep this going to begind with XD And luckily I got one so quickly and a good one at that. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm back from visiting South-Korea. Here's a little taste to you of this small but very interesting country.

But now back to the cubject of comics...!

I'm slow at returning to my "normal" life. However, it's not so normal since I'm without a job. So job-hunting is consuming a lot of time.

I will beging working on the last four pages of TWOD asap, but as I said I'm slow at returning to normal life so it might take some time.

Well, enjoy the pictures while waiting for updates and please be patient with me. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lawrie's story

Here's a new piece of art for you to look at XD
I have been sick for the last few days so I have been painting...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The two next pages

As the title hints I have been working on the two next pages of chapter 3 of TOE. I have them almost sketched so very soon I will start to make the finished line art.

I won't be working on new pages of TWOD untill these two are finished. However, after these two pages I think I might work only on TWOD for a while to get the first chapter finished. It's only five more pages.

I'm also thinking of making a seperate piece of art of the people in the meeting in chapter Loyalty. Kind of a portrait of the group. :) Let's hope I find time to work on that.

Now I have to also spend time on looking for a new job. I still have about three weeks left of the current one, but I still have nothing after that which forces me to look for work. Lets hope for the best :)