Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lawrie's story

Here's a new piece of art for you to look at XD
I have been sick for the last few days so I have been painting...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The two next pages

As the title hints I have been working on the two next pages of chapter 3 of TOE. I have them almost sketched so very soon I will start to make the finished line art.

I won't be working on new pages of TWOD untill these two are finished. However, after these two pages I think I might work only on TWOD for a while to get the first chapter finished. It's only five more pages.

I'm also thinking of making a seperate piece of art of the people in the meeting in chapter Loyalty. Kind of a portrait of the group. :) Let's hope I find time to work on that.

Now I have to also spend time on looking for a new job. I still have about three weeks left of the current one, but I still have nothing after that which forces me to look for work. Lets hope for the best :)