Sunday, June 2, 2013

Status and weather

I'm ashamed of myself for not being able to keep up any update schedule I try.

I guess I should just give up and update whenever I have something to put up. I still don't want to take the easy way out and just pencil the pages. I want to finish them properly before updating and that's what takes time.

Other reason is my lond days at work. Don't worry! I enjoy my job, but this is just a busy time there. Also, I need some extra hours for later this summer.

So... I'm not giving up the comics! Stubbornes runs strong in my family!
But I just have to give up the update schedule and go with the pace I can now manage.

So updates will come whenever I have something to show you.

I'll try (only try, I won't promise doing it) to write something here in my blog a bit more often so that you won't have to worry if I have dissappeared completely.

Now, enjoy your summer!

And here is a funny fact!
This week the warmes place in Europe with over 30 degrees celcius was Utsjoki which resides in the northern most border of Finland!! Something has seriously gone upside down!
Google the place so you'll understand better.