Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updates on next week!

Hello and sorry for the long wait.

I have next week free from work so I hope to be able to work on the pages more. The next page of TOE is only missing its last layer of color aka shadows XD The following page is also half way done. Also a character design needed for the page after that is done so I can actually think of sketching it as well.

The first page of TWOD's second part has been ready for a good while, but with the cover art still undone (I have a little trouble getting it the way I want it) you still have to wait for it.

I hope to get some pages done next week, but they won't be brought online right away. So there will be updates now and then during the summer :)
However, all in all I have only two weeks of vacation in the whole summer so I quess for the most part I am tired after work. I have so many new things to learn all the time and it's surprisingly tiring when you feel that you still just don't get it. But it's remarkably relieving when you realize you actually understand something!

Have a happy and warm summer!