Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation time!

Hmm... I'm slowly returning.
I'm very sorry for the long, LONG silence. But I couldn't help it.
Now my summer vacation finally started. I don't know how much drawing I even could get done if I get around to it, but we'll see. For three weeks I will have no worries, but only enjoy my vacation!

After that I guess I have to start to think about finding work again...

Below is a quick picture I did when I started to feel like drawing again.
It's nothing special and I had no clear inspiration. Just wanted to draw.

The clothes are a intentional mixture of clothes from different eras.
The background is supposed to be a vagon door and wall.

Thank you for your patience. I haven't yet gotten myself around to draw comic pages, but I have read through all my scripts to remind me of my plans and feel inspired again.

I won't make any promises, however, on when I will be back. I'm afraid of not being able to keep them.

So... I will be back when I can.

P.S. One reason why I haven't been able to draw at all is the fact that I have had problems with sleeping for a long while now so I'm very, very tired most of the time.