Sunday, April 10, 2011

TWOD update in DD

Amy character picture
Finally I was able to upload the pages in drunkduck, so they are up now.

Page 19 of Part 1 will be up in a few days. No promises when page 20 (the last page of part 1) will be up. Hopefully it will be soon anyway.
After page 20 we have a kind of "closing words" for part 1. After that the first part of the story is finished.

Between part 1 and 2 so far hidden pages at the homesite will be published. I'll also proof-read the information and world map pages because I seem to have several stupid mistakes there.

Also after the first part I will give my full attention to TOE for a good while.

Monday, April 4, 2011

TWOD update

Tomorrow morning a new page of TWOD will show up in smackjeeves.

However, in drunkduck I wasn't able to do the uploading so it will be up there later. I will try again on tomorrow or the day after.

This was just a quick note pointing out that updates are in SJ, but not yet in DD :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


For your enjoyment while waiting for updates I want to show you two TOE fanarts. (There is one more TOE fanart by Cahir-the-whicher at the gallery.)

Viator by Cahir-the-witcher
 First here is child Viator by Cahir that was according to her inspired by my art shown in this blog.

Viator is being extra cute here! However, you will still need to wait for a while before we'll see bits of his childhood in the comic.

The other fanart is by my sister. When she gets back home during summer we can scan the picture properly. However, the current version has been taken with a digital camera.

Aamu and Saturnin by Lehmu
This fanart shows well the relationship (or lack of it) between these two. Aamu has a huge crush on the high-shaman when he is completely oblivious.

It is Aamu's feelings which we tried to show you with Kaj in the First Aside.

Update on the situation of TWOD.
I have finally started to work on the pages again. I have recovered almost completely since my last blog-update. However, I won't have time to become 100 % well before the pollen and allergies come.

So, soon my allergies will steal most of my energy. We'll see how that affects the comics. I know I'll be slow at work just like always during the pollen season.

I'm happy I don't have hay fever!! I consider myself lucky!