Sunday, August 14, 2011

No scanner

I have "nice" little problem of not being able to install my scanner to my new computer. This unfortunately mean no updates untill I have solved the problem.

I'm not thrilled to think that I might need to buy a new scanner completely. Especially since I like the one I have, but currently Windows 7 does not support it. Some websites do say that it will support in future, maybe...

Well, untill I have decided what to about this you will have to wait for updates. Besides, who knows how many other problems I will come to face with this new computer. At least my Corel-program functions!

Wish me luck and good nerves!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally I have a computer again!

As the title tells I have been with out a computer for three weeks of which two last weeks were because my old computer broke and it took a while before I got a new one. The first week was because I was on a vacation.
I have the next page of TOE scanned but it is still in my old computer and my next project with my Father is to try and get all my old document from the old comp to this new one. So unfortunately you won't be getting any new updates untill I have completely moved all the files and installed all my machines (scanner included) and etc.

Thank you for your patience and lets hope this Autumn won't be as quiet when consider comics as was the beginning of this year...