Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm very sorry!

I'm terribly sorry for not keeping up with my promised updates. I feel bad about it!

Now I'm not giving you any promises I could break. Only that I will keep trying to get pages done.

Simply put many things has gone upside down for me. I hope you can understand that I'm not getting into more detail, but I really do not have the strenght and energy to work long on pages after work, which is eating all my energy.

Please enjoy this little picture and thank you for you patience.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Next update on 28.11.2011!

For those who use some other way of indicating the date, I'm talking about November 28, 2011.

I'm sorry, but I had to do this when I realized that it is completely impossible for me to find time to get any proper updates done on time in a week.

Hopefully I get more than one page up for you on that day ;)
It is possible that there will be an update for TWOD as well, but nothing definite on that side yet.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

News again

I'm writing this blog entry to inform you that unfortunately I will miss tomorrow's update of TOE.Some personal issues have been messing up my plans and somewhat my mind and I was unable to finish the page.

I will try to make it up to you by getting two pages done for the next update two weeks later. Still I want to point out that I will try, which means that it is possible I won't have two pages. I do not know how quickly I can get my mind in order to concentrate long enough on drawing.

Wish me luck!