Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sad times...

This is a sad time for me because my grandfather passed away exactly a week ago on Wednesday morning. Me and all my family are somewhat coping with this and will say our final goodbyes on Saturday.

The strange thing is that this sad situtation made me draw. I couldn't bring myself to draw anything that had to do with him, but I actually are working on new pages for TWOD.

So, during autumn you will get some new pages. I try to finish more than one of them before uploading any of them.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer, summer...

I'm sorry guys for the lack of comics. Well, my summers are usually very quiet when it get to comic updates and I'm not surprised.

I have a difficult time to tolerate heat and this summer has been quite warm in Finnish standards. It has been also quite long because summer began early.

On top of that I have a new job to get used to and even after half a year I'm still unable to find a rythm in my live. I'm also constantly tired which doesn't help drawing in the slightest.

So, updates will resume when I'm able to feel inspired again and can sit down by my drawing table. Untill then I will somehow live over this summer... -_-

P.S. To me 25 degrees celcius is too much, in case you are wondering... I'm a winter girl!!