Sunday, May 8, 2011

TWOD character-pages

As the title says, the new characters pages I have been hiding for ages now are open. Go and check them out!

The characters introduced so far are Amy, Geryan and Esstel from the main cast of which the two last ones you will come to know in the second party of the story.

I want to say something shortly about Geryan on the right.
Designwise he hasn't changed at all since the first try of the story. Well, at all is a bit wrong because the hem of his jacket has changed it's shape ones. However there is one thing I never did when I was drawing him. I always knew that he had a big build, but for a reason or another I never made him look big so he ended up being the same size with the other characters. One reason behind this might have been the fact that I did not feel the need to be too accurate (and when I was younger and began on the story all my character builds looked the same).

Now in this character picture you finally get to see him the way I have always imagined him! And I myself ended up liking the picture quite a bit :)